Bathroom Makeover Idea – How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Home Spa

A stylish bathroom can uplift and brighten our spirits in readiness for the day, but if it is drab and lacklustre, it can depress us without us being aware that a start to the day in a dank, dull, bathroom may have an adverse effect on our mood.
  • Do you think your bathroom lacks style?
  • Do you think it needs livening up?
  • Do you desire a nice change, one that you can create yourself, that won’t ‘send you to the cleaners’?
Well, here is a DIY idea that you’ll probably love, no matter whether you have a tiny or spacious bathroom.

DIY Spa-Themed Bathroom

A great makeover idea for a bathroom, especially a small one, may seem tricky, but not so. You can transform the room from a ‘blah' look to a . . . spa-themed one, a mini-resort of sorts, right under your roof.

It’s fairly simple to implement, and the items you’ll need to execute this bathroom makeover are very affordable and easy to find. The ambiance you plan to create must be relaxing and soothing not only to your body, but also to your mind.

Things You Need to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Have you ever visited a spa? I’m sure if you have, you’ll find that a visit can be a bit pricey for many of us, that is if we enjoy such treatments a few times each month.

If you still wish to be pampered and attended to, you can visit a spa once in a while, but wouldn’t it be nice to treat yourself once a week (preferably at night when you are all done with household chores), to a spa treatment? Many will love to of course!

To set up a spa-themed space in your bathroom, you will need all of the following:
  1. Wall decal with images typically found at spas
  2. A set of white towels
  3. White bath robe
  4. Pair of slippers – pretty flip flops will do
  5. Bath and body oils - Lavender relaxes (great before bedtime) and grapefruit revives
  6. A few matching jars to hold your bath salts, oils, bubble bath, body scrubs, Epsom salts, etc…
  7. Scented candles set on pretty candle holders or floating in clear dishes of water
  8. Soothing/relaxing music with calming sounds of waterfalls
  9. Sea shells, pebbles, stones,
  10. Bowl of flowers (artificial, natural, or dried plants)
    You can create a spa bath in your bathroom simply by adding most of these ingredients, props and of course a splash of ‘drama’ with the wall decal stickers. If you lack enough space for them all, install simple open (or floating shelves) on a free wall space, or in a corner space and lay out all your items decoratively. 

    Pamper Yourself in Your New Spa-themed Room

    In your newly created bathroom/spa, you can give yourself a massage with massage tools you can buy cheap, facials with ingredients from your pretty jars, and body scrubs treatments, a must-do at spas.

    Once you’ve finished in the bathroom spa, dry yourself with your white towel, oil or moisturise your body, wrap yourself in your white spa robes and put on your slippers. And don’t forget to blow out the scented candles.